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B&N Bank completes offer on exchange-traded bonds series BO-03

In the context of its offer on exchange-traded bonds series BO-03, B&N Bank bought back 217,735 of its bonds with a nominal value of RUB 217,735,000. This equates to less than 2% of the series BO-03 bonds in circulation, attesting to the high level of investor confidence in the Bank’s securities and confirming the issuer’s strong credit quality. The exchange-traded bonds were redeemed at 100% of their nominal value. Bondholders were paid accrued coupon income totaling RUB 287,410.2.

To recap, on 16 July 2013, B&N Bank issued series BO-03 exchange-traded bonds with a 3-year tenor. At the beginning of 2016, the maturity was extended to 12 years. The total issue (including additional issues) amounts to RUB 18 billion, with 24 6-month coupon periods. The seventh coupon interest rate has been fixed by the issuer at 12.00% per annum.

B&N Bank’s exchange-traded bonds series BO-03 are included in listing Level 1 of MICEX and in the Central Bank of Russia’s Lombard List, indicating the strong credit quality of the bond.

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