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The ATM (Automated Teller Machine) is a modern and convenient form of providing bank services without attending a bank

For access to a self-service premises, use any plastic card with a magnetic strip (including discount cards of trade companies) by drawing it via a detector with the magnetic strip turned to a light-emitting diode.

You can do the following via ATM:
Receive cash from your B&N Bank card and other bank cards

In the cash-in ATM you can withdraw cash rubles, US dollars or euro from B&N Bank cards and also from cards of other banks.

Transfer money to any card by means of a Turbo Transfer operation

Turbo Transfer is a new convenient service allowing to easily and quickly transfer money from card to card or cash to card without visiting a bank. You need to know only the number of a receiver’s bank card and the transfer amount.

Check your card balance and B&N Bank clients can also receive a statement on last operations

Via ATMs you can receive information on your account and last operations made on the card.

Pay for services of mobile network operators

In a quiet and comfortable environment you can pay for mobile communication by means of a Visa or MasterCard card issued by any bank.

The money will be credited to your mobile phone account within several minutes.

This operation is made without any fees.

Pay for the city telephone communication services

Absence of queues which are traditional at Sberbank is an obvious advantage of this method of payment. The speed of transaction performance additionally saves your time.

To pay a monthly fee for the Moscow city telephone network phone, choose the option “Other payments” on the ATM screen, then — “MGTS Payment”.

The operation can be made by means of a Visa or MasterCard card issued by any bank.

The receipt printed out by an ATM is an official confirmation of a transaction made by you.

The monthly fee will be credited to MGTS account within several minutes.

Pay for utility services

To feel the service convenience and speed, make your residential rental payment via an ATM. A simple operation will take maximum five minutes and you do not have to visit a Sberbank office. Convenience and simplicity of this operation makes this service attractive to all card owners.

To make your residential rental payment, choose the option “Other payments” on the ATM screen, then the “Residential rental payment”. In the next window enter a payer’s code (it is specified on the payment document) and the amount of payment.

You can pay for utility services by a Visa or MasterCard card of any bank.

The receipt printed out by an ATM is an official confirmation of a transaction made by you.

Pay for satellite TV services

To pay for TV services, choose the option “Satellite Television” on the ATM screen, then choose an operator.

You can use a Visa or MasterCard card issued by any bank.

The account is deemed to be paid from the moment you get a receipt printed out by an ATM.

The operation is free of charge.

Pay for Internet provider services

You can pay for Internet provider services in all B&N Bank ATMs

Make “Personal payment” using account details specified by you

Within the “Personal payments” service you can transfer money from you card account of B&N Bank to an account of another individual or a legal entity. For example, you can pay for kindergartens, schools, medical institutions services, repay loans, replenish deposits and etc.

A receiver’s account can be opened both with B&N Bank or any other Russian bank.

Connect to “Text Message Information” service without calling to a bank office

You can connect to “Text Message Information” service at B&N Bank ATMs.

Change your PIN code of a B&N Bank card

Now B&N BANK clients have the possibility to change a PIN code via ATMs and self-service banking terminals.

This service will allow:

  • to improve safety and protection of money on the card from unauthorized access
  • to change your PIN code in a more convenient way with a digital combination easy to remember
  • not to reissue a bank card if its PIN code was compromised

See more details how to change your card PIN code via an ATM in the section “Bank Cards” on the page “Change PIN

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