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Investment to the future
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Product Description
Product Terms and Conditions

Rational management of your life

‘Investment to the future’ is your stability today and your confidence tomorrow.

As you know, it is risky and short-sighted to keep all your savings in ‘one basket’. Successful investors recommend you allocating your financial investments. B&NBANK together with his partners-insurers has developed a complex solution for efficient funds management.

We are glad to present you the best conditions for your financial growth: order an investment or universal life insurance policy – and get one of the highest rates on term deposits up to 11% per annum*!

We offer:

  • reliable life and health insurance protection for you and your family;
  • effective risk-free investment management;
  • funds accumulation for long-term goals;
  • the most favorable conditions for your financial investments.

* Among B&NBANK’s contributions, upon purchasing a life insurance policy with extended insurance premiums payment scheme for a period of 10 years or more with a minimal initial payment of 50,000 rubles. As of July 1, 2016.
Product Terms and Conditions
Deposit currency: Rubles / US dollars
Insurance policy: Investment life insurance Universal life insurance
Deposit interest rate: 11,00% in RUB/ 3,00% in USD 11,50% in RUS / 3,50% in USD
Minimum deposit amount: 150,000 RUB / 2,000 USD 50,000 RUB / 1,000 USD
Maximum deposit amount: Amount equal to 2 one-time premium amounts within the insurance contract Amount equal to 6 initial payment amounts within the insurance contract
Interest rate: 11% in rubles / 3% in US dollars
Minimum deposit amount: 150 000 rubles / 5 000 dollars
Minimum deposit period: 181 days
Additional fees: None
Interest payment frequency: None
Frequency of interest payments: At the end of the term
Automatic prolongation at the end of deposit time: At the end of the term the deposit is automatically renegotiated for “Income+” deposit without additional options for a corresponding period taking into account the amount placed
Redemption of deposit: At the end of the term in cash or cashless form to the depositor’s current deposit (account) opened with the Bank.
Early termination of deposit: 0,001%
Partial early withdrawal: Partial early withdrawal of deposit — 0,001%
Other conditions:

Special offer for B&NBANK clients, who applied for:

  • investment life insurance policy (ILI) for a period of 5 years or more with a one-time payment of insurance premium in minimum amount of 150,000 RUB / 2,000 USD

  • or
  • universal life insurance policy (ULI with extended insurance premium payments scheme for a period of 10 years or more with minimum initial payment of not less than 50,000 rubles/ 1,000 USD per year
Interest Rates

All deposits are insured

The order size and conditions established by the Federal Law "On insuring individuals
in the Russian Federation"
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