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Credit protection
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Should you fail to make a payment scheduled in your credit program at any moment of time, the insurance company will pay the outstanding amount instead of you.


  • Financial aid to you and your family members;
  • 24/7 protection around the globe;
  • Simple connection: you may sign your application while filling in your credit documentation;
  • Instant protection — the program is valid right after the credit has been documented.

Loss of workWithin 6 months
Temporary incapacity to workDuring 90 days of medical treatment
Disability of Class I and II,
departure from life
Payment of remaining credit debts

Insurance costs — from 0,25 до 0,7% per each month of credit use. The commission depends on the credit amount: the more is the amount, the less is the commission.

Learn more about the insurance program provided by Limited Liability Company "BIN Insurance" 8 800 100-20-00 or 8 495 921-20-00

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