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Health protection
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Truly profitable investments

Health Protection is a program of accumulative life insurance enabling not just to save a substantial sum, but also take care of one’s health by taking and annual full-scale medical examination of the entire organism (or check-up) absolutely free of charge.

Check-up (annual medical examination) is the only opportunity to prevent the occurrence of dangerous diseases as well as learn more about peculiarities of your personal body and therefore, preserve health for many years running.


  1. The program includes a unique service — annual medical сheck-up on the account of the insurance company (!)
  2. Check –up will be organized in the best Russian clinics specializing in complex medical examinations.
  3. Your personal concierge will take care of phone calls and invite you for the medical examination as well as select the most convenient time for the visit.
  4. Examinations are done in one day. You will not have to visit the clinic again, all the results of analysis will be ready on the day of examination; your personal doctor will familiarize you with the outcomes.
  5. Since the check-up is done annually, doctors are able to track the state of your organism in dynamics.
  6. Full report of examinations and analyses will be available at your personal page at any moment of time.
  7. If a critical disease is revealed, the insurance company undertakes to organize your treatment at its own account (!) in the leading clinics of Israel, Germany or Russia.
  8. If the cost of your treatment appears to be less than the amount of the insurance premium under the program, the remaining part will be repaid to you in full.

Cost of the program

Basic fee: 125–274 thousand rubles

With the minimal amount of fund placement, the program enables the insured person to take a full-scale focused examination of a specific system of his or her body (upon the choice of the person examined or upon doctor’s recommendation).

  1. Cardio (heart /vessels).
  2. Gastro (digestive system).
  3. Gynecology/Urology

Medical treatment in Russia.

Optimal fee: 275–474 thousand rubles

Represents a complex check-up of all the systems of the organism including a detailed laboratory testing, consultation of all the key medical specialists, expanded ultrasonic examination program as well as CTH.

Medical treatment in Russia and Israel.

Maximal fee: 475–774 thousand rubles

Expanded check-up of the entire organism including a unique technological examination of cardiovascular system (CTH and treadmill testing), as well as focused diagnostics of hormonal and blood-vascular systems.

Medical treatment in Russia, Israel and Germany.

Premium fee: 775+ thousand rubles

Full diagnostics of the organism including the most expensive and advanced tests existing in the market of medical services; includes a unique service – MRT of the entire body as well as cash reserve for taking targeted tests recommended by the doctor upon the check-up outcomes.

Maximal amounts for medical treatment in Russia, Israel and Germany.

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